The City of Kankakee is soliciting proposals for the purchase of a state-of-the art, integrated Community Development Management Software Suite including Planning, Permitting and Licensing, fee collection, as well as an integrated online customer portal. The total Project will include the selection and acquisition of software and hardware, installation, training and maintenance costs to replace or upgrade the current system.

The overall goals are as follows:

  • Improve service to the public
  • Provide user-friendly software applications for planning, permitting and licensing personnel
  • Provide an accurate and efficient means to manage the various Community Development data needs
  • Provide security to ensure confidentiality while providing ease of access through roles and permissions.
  • Provide flexibility to allow for emerging technologies and future expansion
  • Enhance field worker safety and efficiency by providing remote access to the necessary data in the field.
  • Provide integrated solutions for data sharing and workflow amongst various departments and our customers as necessary.
  • Online fee collection