Established in 2018, The Downtown Kankakee Historic District consists of 73 buildings located in the central downtown
business district of Kankakee, Kankakee County, Illinois. The district is comprised mainly of one- to three-story buildings with
first-floor storefronts and upper-floor office or residential space.



Established in 2018, The City of Kankakee was founded in 1853 and soon after was established as the county seat. But long before
that, Kankakee was a gathering point where waterways connected. Native Americans called the spot
"Kankakee", or, "beautiful land." Today, the river still flows, trains whistle in the night, and the county
government still rules from downtown. Remnants of the city's past still stand, shoulder-to-shoulder with the
glossy buildings of the present. Check out who sets up shop downtown and read about how they help make
Kankakee the beautiful land it still very much is.