Moderate-Income Rehab Assistance Program

This program has reached capacity. We are not currently accepting applications.

The Moderate Income Rehab Assistance Program (MIRA) provides an opportunity for City of Kankakee residents who are within the low to moderate Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income limits to have access to housing rehabilitation dollars to improve their homes. The City will perform an inspection to identify what rehab work could be done and will provide funding for 75% of the project. The resident will be required to cover the other 25% of costs, which must be paid by the end of construction. To receive a copy of the application and to have any questions answered, please contact or visit the ECDA office.



Once a project is approved, an interview will be scheduled with the homeowner. Homeowners will be contacted through the following process:

  1. An ECDA team member will telephone the selected homeowner at least three (3) times during the first forty-eight (48) hour period of eligibility.
  2. If ECDA is unable to contact the homeowner by telephone, a certified letter will be sent requesting a date and time for an interview.
  3. If ECDA does not receive a response to the certified letter within ten (10) business days from the date the letter was mailed, an ECDA community navigator will visit the homeowner to schedule an interview.
  4. If ECDA does not receive a response after an in-person visit and request for a meeting then the homeowner will forfeit their opportunity to participate in the program.
  5. ECDA will then move the next homeowner on the list.

In all cases where the homeowner’s name is removed from the list, ECDA will notify the homeowner in writing of the reason for their name being removed from the list.


ECDA will apply eligibility requirements to all applicants. The agency will make no discrimination regardless of applicants’ race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, familial status, ancestry, unfavorable military discharge, marital status, receipt of governmental assistance, or disability. ECDA will make reasonable Median-Income Rehabilitation Assistance (MIRA) Application Instructions accommodations to afford persons with disabilities equal opportunity to apply for and receive benefits from the MIRA program.

Applicants must be using the property as their primary residence.

Applicants must have a household income that falls between 80% and 120% of the area median income. The table below shows specific limits for various household sizes using HUD’s FY2022 Income Limits Documentation System.

Persons in household
Income Upper Limit ($) 70,000 80,000 90,000 100,000 108,000 116,000 124,000 132,000
Income Lower Limit ($) 46,700 53,350 60,000 66,650 72,000 77,350 82,650 88,000


The criteria developed by the Program’s Administrator will be utilized for all applicants. Rejection of a particular application may be based on one or more criteria. Each rejected applicant will be promptly notified in writing of the reason(s) for rejection.

  • A. Review

    When you apply to the Economic and Community Development Agency (ECDA), the staff will review your application along with all other requested documentation.

    Following approval of your proposal, ECDA will send a Conditional Commitment Letter to you. This letter details the terms of the program as approved by ECDA, and lists the steps you must take before starting work. Work can begin only after all required documentation is submitted by you and approved by ECDA. All legal documents are signed at the pre-construction meeting. No construction or program implementation may begin prior to this time. ECDA has no obligation to provide funds for your project until after all documents have been signed by the concerned parties. After work is complete in full, funds will be provided as specified in the pre-construction documents.

  • B. Application Submission

    Submit the entire application package, including a copy of all documents listed in the summary checklist to:
    Economic and Community Development Agency
    200 E. Court Street, Suite 410
    Kankakee, IL 60901

  • C. Median-Income Rehabilitation Assistance (MIRA) Terms of Assistance

    The award amount will range from a minimum of $2,800 to a maximum of $21,000. Resident funds must be leveraged at a ration of $1 for every $3 of MIRA funds extended. In other words, MIRA will cover 75% of project costs while the resident must cover the remaining 25%. Consequently, the maximum amount for a MIRA project would be $28,000, consisting of $21,000 in MIRA funds and a $7,000 match from the resident. If project costs exceed $28,000, the resident must pay in full any amount that exceeds the threshold.

    MIRA funds are provided as 0% interest loans, with a lien placed on the property in the MIRA award amount. This loan will be deferred and forgin at a rate of 20% per year, and will be completely forgiven after five years. If the residence is sold before the five-year period expires, the remaining loan amount must be directly repaid.