January 2020
Economic and Community Development Agency (ECDA) Recovers Approximately $1.5M in Grant Funding


Economic and Community Development Agency (ECDA) Recovers Approximately $1.5M in Grant Funding

Kankakee, IL – Kankakee Economic and Community Development Agency (ECDA) was awarded $1,509,212 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to be used for projects in the 2019 – 2020 program year. Along with $563,741 of funds from the current year, ECDA staff advocated for $945,471 of unspent funds awarded in previous years to be made available for community projects. The ECDA 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan (AAP) provides full detail on plans for the projects.

“Having a fully staffed ECDA is already reaping benefits for the City.  I have worked very closely with Barbi Brewer-Watson, Executive Director and her team to maximize our grant dollars, recover any funding owed to the City and prioritize our work.  As we continue to move Kankakee Forward, we will utilize resources to improve the every day lives of our residents and community.  The recovery of funds is a testament to the hard work of the ECDA team and brings great news for the City of Kankakee,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong.

“The ECDA team is working in multiple neighborhoods strategically through these CDBG funds”, states executive director Barbi Brewer-Watson.  “We are fortunate to have received the past year’s unspent funds.  We encourage City of Kankakee residents to reach out to us and apply for our housing rehab and homebuyer’s programs.” 

The Kankakee Economic and Community Development Agency’s comprehensive vision includes addressing the community’s need for a suitable living environment for all its citizens, to provide decent and affordable housing, assist homeless persons in obtaining affordable housing, retain the affordable housing stock; increase the availability of permanent housing that is affordable to low-to-moderate income individuals and families without discrimination; and increase supportive housing that includes structural features and services to enable persons with disabilities and special needs to live in suitable environments. This comprehensive vision will include the provision of an adequate infrastructure to support community development, the removal of impediments to fair housing, the enhancement of environmental consciousness and economic growth.

The 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan (AAP) outline the scope of ten (10) projects that address the goals listed above. Projects include housing & rehabilitation programs, rehab assistance for immediate needs to address health and safety violations, relocation assistance for those residents utilizing our funds for home improvements, financial assistance to income eligible individuals or families who are purchase ready, improvements to public facilities, and much more. Below is an excerpt from the AAP budget summary that outlines the ten (10) projects.




Project Name

Estimated Allotment


Clearance and Demolition



2019 Rehab and Delivery Costs



Acquisition and rehab



Homebuyer Acquisition



Single Family Rehab Program



Public Facility



2019 A & P



Public Services



Homebuyer Counseling









Kankakee Economic and Community Development (ECDA) is a local government agency whose mission is to improve the lives of Kankakee residents and enhance the economic vitality of communities through housing, economic development and community development. The ECDA administers programs that serve the neighborhoods and residents of the City of Kankakee provided by federal, state, and local funding.

For more information, contact the ECDA at (815) 933-0506 Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

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The City of Kankakee is dedicated to protecting, building and nurturing the community while enhancing lives. We are a historic, vibrant, and active riverfront community. We continue to transform into an extraordinary place to dream, grow, and thrive. Embracing our diversity, we strive to be progressive, inclusive, and innovative. For more information on the City of Kankakee, please visit the website at www.citykankakee-il.gov.


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