November 2021
Getting started at City Hall

Each month, we’ll have a blog or tips for our readers. This month we have a special guest - Mayor Curtis!


Getting started at City Hall

We are at the beginning of an era of rising in the City of Kankakee and it is an honor and a privilege to serve as Mayor.  I am committed to maintaining the charm of our city by ensuring the safety and integrity of our neighborhoods, the quality of our services and the vitality of our businesses. It is an amazing time for our City: a new dawn for all the families who call the City of Kankakee home.
     We have such a diverse population, distinctive neighborhoods and a flourishing business community. The City of Kankakee is prepared for greatness and has the power to address the challenges we face. But that only occurs if we work together: the people, the business community, and the City Council united.
     We work for you, and our mission is to give you the support you need and to ensure the customer service you deserve from your government. That starts, of course, by meeting in person with the residents of our 7 Wards. My staff and I remain committed to this kind of hands-on, community-focused approach.
     I guaranteed that I would be the people's mayor, the advocate for the people at City Hall. Approachability and a response capacity have long been my hallmark. As your mayor these past 6 months, I have been making sure we collaborate more and listen more. I have made sure to demand the best from our professional staff and we work every day to develop a rising agenda. As we increasingly use technology to communicate with each other and address challenges in our neighborhoods, my administration and I plan to provide regular updates on the direction we plan to steer the city.

6 Months of Review 

     One of my greatest commitments to the City of Kankakee is to improve our streets and our transportation system. I have consistently heard a lot about the condition of our streets and the general lack of other mobility options available to the public. Mobility and infrastructure improvements should be the primary focus of our transportation investments. Repaving at the intersection of Kennedy Drive and Court Street is a done deal, while development of the new Kankakee Metro Centre, conveniently located in downtown Kankakee, is well underway. This Key Crossroads of the River Valley Metro mass transit district will enhance connectivity not only to the area's major employers and attractions, but also commutes to University Park, the Metra station, Midway Airport and much more. This is the first step in focusing on the issues important to our City's residents at the local level and affirms our commitment to ensuring that every resident can safely and affordably get around the City, regardless of their mode of transportation or ability.
     I have continued to appoint and announce key positions within my administration, such as the Chiefs of Police and Fire Departments. My team continues to grow and you can join us. Apply for a board or commission position by visiting
     Our Economic and Community Development Agency continues to meet the needs of our residents by providing a number of housing programs and providing opportunities for community members to voice their concerns. Through programs such as lead abatement, housing rehab, housing accessibility, and the camera rebate program, the ECDA is hard at work to make Kankakee housing safer. Residents are regularly encouraged to attend hearings and neighborhood meetings to share thoughts about the challenges our city faces and suggest solutions to addressing those challenges.
     The City of Kankakee is a community of strength, resilience, and faith. The ways in which our community has come together during this time have been noteworthy.
     Nonprofits, schools, government agencies, businesses, volunteers, and many other organizations have come together and stood up to meet the needs of our community this year. Testing supplies, food, and school supplies are just a few examples of the resources that the wonderful members of our community have gathered and distributed.  Our networking and community spirit have us endeavoring to meet needs as they arise. In turn, each organization has worked internally to adapt.
     As we enter the holiday season, I believe the spirit of giving will be stronger than ever. We can all contribute by shopping locally, showing kindness to our neighbors, and looking for opportunities to help those in need. 
It is truly a new era of rising in the City of Kankakee. As your Mayor, I will honor our history, I will respect our diversity, and I will value the people of this wonderful community. We will make the City Council more accountable to the people and we will make sure the City Council listens to their voices.
     From homelessness to economic development, I look forward to new progress. I look forward to working with all of you. We will make the City of Kankakee a stronger and more vibrant community. I am excited to begin this next chapter in the City of Kankakee's history.

Mayor Christopher Curtis



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